Computer Network Solution Providers

Support Contracts

Orex Technologies provides the following Support options: 


With regards to the "Service Contract" or "Per Incident basis" fees, we have the 

following options available. 

• Please note that these options are parts exclusive. 


1. Per Incident Basis (Call-Out): 

o Office hours support (9am till 5pm, not incl. Public holidays) 

R250.00 per Hour, for first 4 hours. Part thereof for further support. 

o After hours support (24x7x365) 

R365.00 per hour, for first 3 hours. Part thereof for further support. 


2. Service Contract: 

o One onsite, Monthly inspection on an agreed date. 

This inspection includes the following: 

 Ensure all PC's, Servers and/or Network devices are running 


 Ensure Backups are taking place properly and correctly. 

 Ensuring all services are running effectively and to satisfaction. 

 Analysis report of infrastructure. We will make suggestions and 

recommendations where needed. 

o Remote Maintenance of Machines and/or Telephonic support for 

Remote assistance of PC's. 

 Only with Mac OS X, Unix, Linux or Windows XP Professional on 

Internet connected Networks. 


Contract options: 

o Monthly: 

 R1800 /month (Office Hours, 9am till 5pm, ex. Public holidays) 

 R2200 /month (incl. After Hours or Public holidays) 

 R2800 /month (incl. Standby and Callout; Full Technical Support 

assistance 24x7x365) 

o Annually: 

 R19800 /annum (Office Hours, 9am till 5pm ex. Public holidays) 

 R24200 /annum (incl. After Hours or Public holidays) 

 R30800 /annum (incl. Standby and Callout; Full Technical 

Support assistance 24x7x365) 


Prices are exclusive of VAT. 

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